My Second Book is on its Way!

This is a short post to let you know that the second book in the Malayan Series will be published during the summer of 2017. (And yes, I’m referring to the northern summer!)

At this time, I can’t give you the exact publication date nor can I reveal the book’s title, though there is one. What I can say is that the sequel to the multi-generational family saga begun in The Woman who Breathed Two Worlds (Book #1 in The Malayan Series) will continue to follow the Wong family, so that anyone who has read my debut novel will recognise many of the characters. The characters themselves, however, are about to enter a world which nothing in their experience could have prepared them for.

Stay tuned! There will be further news early in 2017, as well as the chance to pre-order! On that high note, I will sign off for this year and wish you all Season’s Greetings, be it Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas or simply the very best in the year ahead.


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7 responses to “My Second Book is on its Way!

  1. Jit

    Hi Selina
    I shall wait patiently for its publication
    Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year

  2. skjam2013

    Best of luck on your second book!

    Just to let you know, my review of your first book was the 5th most viewed article on my blog this year, and second in the “book” category. Which is especially impressive as it only got posted in October!

  3. Ivie

    I’m excited. I’m going to pre-order the book now. 🙂

  4. Katie

    I’m so happy you have this blog so I can tell you how much I loved your book! I couldn’t believe it was your debut. You definitely put a lot of hard work into research and it paid off. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book and I will wait with bated breath for book two.

    • Dear Katie,

      Thank you so much for this lovely message! Yes, I did do some research and loved it, actually, since quite a lot of it involved food and eating 🙂 If you haven’t already, could you please post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads? They mean a lot.

      I have a website,, where I’ll put up more about Chye Hoon’s world, among other things. I also have a video there of me reading an excerpt. And do follow me! (Either on this blog, Twitter, Amazon or Goodreads.) Thanks again for reading and reaching out!

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