Acclaimed author of Amazon best-selling The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds and When the Future Comes Too Soon. Both novels are published by Amazon Crossing and have been released worldwide in paperback, e-book and audio book formats. The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds, the author’s debut novel, appeared on November 1, 2016 and made an immediate connection with readers. It was  named one of the 6 best books of November 2016 by Goodreads and has been favourably compared to the work of Pearl S.Buck and Amy Tan. When the Future Comes Too Soon won accolades when it was released on July 18, 2017, among them from the Asian Review of Book, which described the work as being “an important corrective, as well as an exciting read“. Represented by Thomas Colchie (New York).

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    I’m a big fan of Malaysia’s diversity.

    When I was in high-school, I’ve always been ignoring all the racial issues that I hear in the news. Particularly because, my folks and I live happily in each other’s presence, regardless of our beliefs. But everything has changed. I now study in a local University, where I’ve come to realise, these ‘issues’ should be deplored before it is too late.

    What I didn’t understand was, why can’t the senior broods of this country see things they way I do? Should it be happiness seeing the society divide? After all, the solution to the problem is a very simple formula. And it will always be a win-win situation in the bigger picture, if they were to set things right.

    So I decided to not wait for them. I hope my ideas in effecting the society, would overcome these ‘tribulations’.

    I love your writings, by the way. Keep up the good work.


    • Dear Dev,

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Good on you for standing up against those who preach hate and division – that is the only way we can reclaim the Malaysia we’ve lost. Thanks also for your kind words; always nice to know someone enjoys your writing!

  2. Max Cheah

    One small step by a woman, what a giant leap for Mankind!
    Who lives if Malaysia dies? Damn hell, those extremists have forgotten that there is but only one race: the human race.

    Max C

  3. IWK Chin

    In the ‘About’ section, you say you’re an ‘independent trader’…what do you trade ?? Novels ? Didn’t know there’s good business doing that.

    Regarding the Sri Nyonya Restaurant, it’s no longer @ Taman SEA, having been relocated some years ago to Taman Paramount I think.

    Since you’re from Ipoh, wonder if you have any information on how there came to be a road there named ‘Jalan Chin Choon Sam’ ?
    I like to know more on the history of the Chin family tree, pre & post-Chin Choon Sam era. It seems that other than Chin Kee Onn, little is known on the other Chins from the same ancestory.

    • Hello,

      In answer to your question about Chin Choon Sam, please see my latest blog-post: The Story of Great Grandfather Chin Choon Sam and a Mosque.

      And no, I don’t trade novels, I trade securities.

      Thank you very much for reading this blog.

  4. Yvonne

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise when I came across your blog! I am also related to Chin Kee On, author of “Malaya Upside Down”. I remember reading it when I was a kid in Ipoh. I am currently living in the United States. Is there an email that I can write to you? Congrats on your new book!

  5. Cindy Campbell

    I just finished your first book. I loved it! I found myself researching online for images of various things and places that you mentioned in your writing. Thank you for exposing me to new cultures and a wonderfully touching story.

  6. Ian Gonzales

    Hello, I’m a big fan of your Malayan Saga books. I was wondering if there were any plans to continue this series moving forward.

    • Hello Ian,

      I’ve been working hard on finishing another book in a different genre but hope to return to the Malayan Saga in future. However, I can’t give any indication of timing right now! Sorry… but thank you for reaching out!

      Best wishes to you.

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